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BUSINESS NAME: Papadum Express
Business Type: Papadum Cooking Kitchen Utility
Country: Australia  
Region: NSW 
City: Sydney 
Suburb: Liverpool
Postcode: 2170
Address: Sydney
Email: papadumXpress@gmail.com
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Business Operational Hours:
Tags: Papadum Express,  Papadum Microwave tray,  papad,  lijat,  sharwood,  pathaks,  no frying,  fat free

Business Description: How to cook Papadums or Papads in the microwave?
With the papadum Express, its simply Stack, Whack and Serve multiple Papadums, quick and easy. No wasting time!
The Papadum Express is the first, in our specially patented and designed, Papadum Cookware series. A kitchen lovers utility. A must have item. Cook many types of Papadums in the microwave.

The world's first multiple Papadum cooking microwave tray. Innovative new design and a high quality kitchen utility. Make fast, Crisp n' Crunchy, Fat free Papadums, Quicker than ever!
Two steps: heat and eat! Just Stack, Whack, Serve onto the table in minutes. Cook your Papadums faster than ever before!

The Papadum Express tray is ready for quick snacks, family meals, parties and events. Cook Oil free, Fat free - Healthier than fried Papadums. It's also authentic, ultra convenient and just go. go. go. A utility your kitchen should have!

The Papadum Express Microwave Cooking Tray - will revolutionize the way Papadums, Poppadoms, Pappadums or Papads are cooked and consumed, all over the world. Now, you can make them fast, anytime, quick and easy, within minutes.
Crisp 'n' Crunchy every time. No mess, no fuss just pure Papadums.

A robust and heat-safe durable Microwave tray design.
Designed and Manufactured in Sydney, Australia.
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