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KANTABiZ intends to offer a simple and straight-forward search opportunity for locating Businesses and Products in video, local or worldwide, or as per a specific geographical locations input and open to user population.. for free.
All added Business and Product Videos to the KANTABiZ searchable directory! are user driven.

Registered users also have the opportunity to upload their Businesses videos to KANTABiZ.com search directory, ready for

all Users to access and browse.


In addition, registered users can exchange any business or product video they wish with anybody including non-registered users. Searchable Information includes: Business name, business type, location and phone numbers, map, website and other useful info and direct email contact.


1. What are you looking for?

• Carpenter
• Thai Restaurant
• Hotels or motels
• IT professional
• Palmist
• Designer clothes
• Masseuse

2. What location are you looking into?


• Specific Address: Pitt St Sydney NSW 2000
• City, State: Sydney NSW
• City, State, Zip: Sydney NSW 2000
• Zip code: 2000


3. Now, click the KANTABiZ Search Button…You are done!

Adding Locations:

The easiest way to add a location to your KANTABiZ Search is:
Type in your desired location: Pitt St Sydney NSW in the search field
Then Click "KANTABiZ Search"


Searches can be broken down into streets, suburbs, postcodes, states and countries.


Select a Country from the list, type in your address ( State City Street

If you want to search for a "Hardware store" in London.
Simply, type in London in the search box, or choose from the drop down box: if user chooses to use a specific country for the search only; [example: United Kingdom London Hardware Store]--- (commas useable) Now, click the KANTABiZ search button … and you are done!

Hopefully, an array of Hardware stores or businesses have popped up, sit back, visually browse and select - arrive to exactly what you saw and prefered…

KANTABiZ: a visual search mode!



Searching in a specific location?
Know the name of a business?
Know the street location of a business?

To Search for a business or product, do the following... …
1. Enter a business or product in the search field
2. Enter a city in the search field
3. Enter a State or country in the search field

KANTABiZ is available for regional or International searches throughout the world.

Enter your search term: This relates to a word(s) describing the business, product or service you are seeking. Keywords can include names, products, attributes or brands that can help in pinpointing the business you require.

Enter a location: Select a suburb, postcode, state or country. (Use the drop down box to search only within a specific country option only)

Press the ‘Search’ button: You will then be presented with video results show casing business & product videos that closely match your keywords selected on your left, and you could continue to view those same results in detail on your right. To do so, just click on the thumbnail on your left.



Once again, a few simple options provided...

Choosing one of them, Or all if need be, activates a search where profiles with the selected options only, are now available!


Try this : :- For example: :- Looking for a "Graphics Designer" freelancer in "Los Angeles"... and ready for recruitment!



TROUBLESHOOTING: Not finding your desired business? Or No business or product is associated with that keyword No results listed after conducting a search? The reasons!

· Spell check all words if possible
· Seek similar or universal keywords
· Attempt smaller amounts of keywords
· Site in process of Populating!

OR, Due to a few other factors:

· If results do not produce your desired business, try changing your search term(s) or location and attempt your search again.

· Sometimes, a similar location may be found within other Countries/ States/ Cities or regions (eg: John St, Toronto, Canada) and the search seeks (John St, Sydney, Australia), KANTABiZ will offer alternative locations next to the search results as it matches all relevant information from the query to the database.

· If your keyword or business name is uncommon, you may not find an associated business listing. In this case, try checking the spelling or entering other related words.

· You can also select to ‘Narrow you’re Search’ by category
Eg. ‘IT specialist’ within ‘Networking’, and ‘Computer support’ Or ‘Driving school or Instructor’ rather than just a general ‘Driving’ category.


To expand your geographical search beyond the location you outlined, simply type in your choice of ‘Surrounding Suburbs’ and view results that both apply and directly surround your desired location.

After having submitted a search term(s), a results page will be retrieved. This page provides up to 12 listings that most closely resemble your search query.

Within the results page, you should be able to locate the business that most closely matches your needs.

Simply click on the thumbnail business image to view all details and Info related to that listing; address, phone and fax numbers, email address, website, mapped business location, operating hours, tags of products and services.


Searching in a specific location?
To search based on a specific location; simply enter a keyword(s) that describes the business and the required location, then press the ‘KANTABiZ Search’ button.

Know the name of the business?
If you know the name of your business, simply enter its name and press the ‘Search’ button. Results may then be sorted by location, alphabetically or refined by category as featured on the left hand side of the site.

Know the street location of the business?
Simply add the business name or keyword you would like to conduct a search on accompanied by its street name or type and press the ‘KANTABiZ Search’ button. 

If the location is not recognised, try confirming the spelling or using a postcode as an alternative (or vice versa). Alternatively, try expanding your search area by submitting the state instead.

In order to make full use of KANTABiZ and the entire websites functionality, we recommend you use the latest version of one of the following browsers:

Internet Explorer

Some browsers may show deviations in the visual look of KANTABiZ.com at times.


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